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Custom Fit Boat Covers

Mooring Cover


A mooring cover is a great way to protect your boat. This cover is dual purpose and can be used in the water or in tow. 

Top of windshield cockpit cover


Top of windshield cockpit covers come in numerous colours and are custom patterned to your boat. 

Bow cover


Bow cover is what covers the front area of your bow rider boat. Fastened with snaps and supported with a telescopic pole. 

Over windshield cockpit cover


Over windshield cockpit covers your cockpit area and windshield. Keeps UV rays from fading your dash.  

Snap on mooring cover


Snap on mooring cover is a one piece cover that fastens down with snaps and covers the bow and cockpit cover.   

Pontoon cover


Pontoon covers are custom built to your pontoon. Pontoon covers are snapped on and depending on length come with 3 -5 telescopic poles.